Yu-chen Karen Chen-Wiegart (USB – Materials Science & BNL-NSLSII)

September 20, 2019 @ 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm

Title: Synchrotron Multi-Dimensional & Multi-Modal Study of Functional Materials

Host — Phil Allen

Abstract: Multi-modal and multi-dimensional characterization at synchrotrons can provide unprecedented information for complex, heterogeneous materials system. A multi-modal approach combines multiple synchrotron techniques to gain complementary information. Furthermore, with imaging techniques specifically, multi-dimensional imaging includes techniques such as tomography, spectroscopic microscopy, or in situ/operando imaging.  These capabilities are particularly powerful when used to study complex structures with morphological and chemical heterogeneity. This talk will address the applications in nano-/meso-porous and bicontinuous metals, energy storage and conversion materials, and molten salts research. Broader impacts regarding cultural heritage and environmentally friendly anti-corrosion surface treatment will also be briefly discussed

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