PHY252 - Spring 2017

This class is the laboratory component that complements PHY251 - Modern Physics taught by Prof. Tzu-Chieh Wei. The professor administering the laboratory component of the course is Prof. Matt Dawber, though you will spend most of your time in the lab interacting with your TAs: Samuel Homiller (Monday Labs) and Charles Shugert (Thursday Lab).

You will complete a series of a laboratory experiments and will be assessed on the basis of formal lab reports you submit after the labs. Guidelines for what should be in a lab report can be found in this example. Please also pay attention to the grading rubric. For most of the labs the report will be due one week after you have completed the lab. Unless there are extenuating circumstances no credit will be given for late labs. The only exceptions the the one week deadline are for the “Photoelectric Effect” and the “Scattering Angles” labs for which you have two weeks to complete your reports to allow you to study for the midterms in PHY251. The schedule of labs is below.

The analysis of data, understanding of experimental uncertainty and how to account for it an propagate are important aspects of this course. Please review these notes on data analysis that contain important information on this topic.

Week Monday Labs Thursday Lab
1 1/23: No Lab 1/26: Introduction to PHY252 and data analysis
2 1/30: Introduction to PHY252 and data analysis 2/2: Analysis and Plotting Tutorial
3 2/6: Analysis and Plotting Tutorial 2/9: Lab cancelled due to snow
4 2/13: Michelson Interferometer 2/16: Michelson Interferometer
5 2/20: Photoelectric Effect 2/23: Photoelectric Effect
6 2/27: Measurement of e/m for electrons 3/2: Measurement of e/m for electrons
7 3/6: No Lab 3/9: No Lab
8 Spring Break! Spring Break!
9 3/20: No Lab 3/23: Measurement of electron charge
10 3/27: Measurement of electron charge 3/30: Emission Spectrum of Hydrogen
11 4/3: Emission Spectrum of Hydrogen 4/6: Scattering Angles
12 4/10: Scattering Angles 4/13: No Lab
13 4/17: No Lab 4/20: Bragg Scattering
14 4/24: Bragg Scattering 4/27: Geiger Counter and Radioactive Decay
15 5/1: Geiger Counter and Radioactive Decay 5/4: No Lab
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